The Orchards of tomorrow

What was it in the distance that called her heart so

The whisper of a stranger, who can tell?

she did not say , who can understand the heart

so wreckless , with the will and wonder to search

Barefoot she left ,with just love in her heart

No belongings ,no heavy load , just the voice of the call

the greatest adventure , leaving it all behind

carrying only the thoughts that filled her mind

Beneath her feet , she had to feel the earth

And Above the earth , in another world , one to meet

What is this life , what is this place , this strange place

She had to find what her heart longed to know

So she plucked a wild flower from the orchards of tomorrow

She held it to her heart, lest the wind should take it away

the gift she would give, to one she did not know

Tomorrow soon arrived,and like a bird she longed to be free

there in the distance , the stranger that called her heart

but in the garden where he stood, another stood there

of love she wished to understand, but of his heart , she knew

in this life and in this world, what is to be must be

Slowly she bent down , leaving the flower at his gate

perhaps he would notice , just maybe he would see

but as he opened the gate he stepped on the flower

She dropped her head in sorrow and slowly turned around

She did not see him reach to touch the ground

Many years had passed , each day like a moment in forever

she longed to see his face again though it caused her pain

The flower he once trampled on, filled that beautiful land

She watched him from a distance ,as he smiled down on one

the same little flower she once held, still undone

That was the joy and the happiness of her heart , his smile

And her wish ,that love and happiness surround him

She felt his heart from so far away, now she understood why

That’s what her heart had to know, the love in his heart

So beautiful a love, how could she say goodbye?

She turned back one last time to see his face

but he turned the other way , she was the shadow of his heart

still , she loved him , still the flowers continued to grow

he looked down at the flower once more, never knowing

that a stranger in this world , loved him so….


Stranger in the sky

Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry
tears that fall from a stranger in the sky
our hearts can break
sometimes we never know why
it’s love , it must be love
which piece of my heart did you take?

Sitting at the fireplace watching the flame
my thoughts wander to a distant place
I write your name over and over again
I’m listening to a song
but in my heart is just an empty space
it’s you that I miss , a moment is just too long

The flame grows higher
its warmth I can feel
it slowly becomes a raging fire
the tune, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin
like a fire that draws me closer
the song from which I cannot run

Who can tell, the stories of the heart
the meaning of the lyrics
that play to the sound of falling rain
who could listen without a tear in the eye
the flame goes down, I play the song again
you are the reason , and I am the stranger in the sky

The leaves of the Willow Tree

I walked through the shady forest
amidst the leaves of the willow trees
the gentle wind dried my tears
the tears I never wanted you to see
I walked and walked
till my heart felt no pain
dragging my feet through the shallow stream
that seldom saw the rain

Why is it that my heart aches so
this feeling I pondered
like a fire that burned in my restless soul
then a voice whispered ” lets go yonder ”
I found myself on the clouds above
and saw my life, the here and now
I saw the trail in which I walked
shrouded by a strange mist , they call it love

The first ray of morning sun called my name
I awoke to find it was only a dream
even in a dream the heart still aches
for love is like the mist , a thorn in the wind
it pierces the heart ,then disappears like dew
I look at you , you look at me
perhaps I loved you from the beginning
perhaps I have loved you before, but just never knew

The Hunger

While in the world ,nothing satisfies the thirst like water
and the pangs of hunger ,like a piece of bread
How much do we need , but a drop of rain
and the crumbs which have fallen on the floor
Would they understand the pleasure and the pain

We look into the sky , nobody knows when the rain will fall
or when the wheat fields will bring forth it’s grain
nevertheless we wait , till the sun burns our hearts
is there love deeper than this ,any path more narrow
we hang on ,while another hand is trying to take us down

Why hunger for that which the eyes can see , it shall perish
we long for that which satisfies the heart and mind
The day has become our friend , the night is our enemy
we close our eyes, cannot sleep , we sleep but are awake
we hunger for the thirst ,now that we have tasted of the dew

They speak of love , we do not know their kind
we speak of love , the true kind , it is too far from their mind
when the crumbs are eaten , we look to the greater meaning
when the rain has touched our lips , we know it’s purpose
this never-ending hunger is such a beautiful thing

The Rose

In each garden we behold a single rose
with the smell of musk that fills the air
and a stem that withdraws it’s thorns at dusk
even the birds fear and would not dare
to step on, or even come near

Does the rose speak to you at night
do you hear the ruffle of petals in the wind
it’s breath closing in on every side
are they as thorns that protrude in the day
and gentle as cotton wool at night

Can your heart bear it’s closeness
or do you struggle to break free
is it’s pleasure as plentiful as the sand
when the night summons you in
tell me , the heart wants to understand

Does the rose sing the song of your heart
every second of the day and night
in melody and rhythm , always in tune
with words that comfort your heart
and fill your soul with an untold joy

Does the rose give of the water
that flow through the veins like blood
but tastes like the sweet nectar
that the honey bee saps in the spring
to present as a gift to the king and queen

Does the rose miss you when you are far
or miss you more when you are near
can it extract from your heart love and hate
the secret of the stars and of ordinary words
and clothe you with love that intoxicates ?

The Secret of Love

The wind whispers to us , the many secrets of love
as gentle as the waves breaking on shore
it roams the wilderness and gathers from afar
mysteries and wonders , each day more and more

If love should hover upon the waters of the ocean
surely it knows the waves will carry it gently to land
like the speck on the spectrum of its journey
love must never doubt, but reach out hand in hand

As love is received , it is given without measure
the fullness and joy that your heart may believe
It is gentle and unassuming , patient in the storm
embrace it, and from your heart it shall never leave

We need not be anxious of tomorrow , why worry?
listen carefully instead , to the heartbeat of today
Love is invisible like the wind, but you feel it’s touch
and with each waking breath, it will show you the way

The Bumble Bee

The Inquistion

” yes , aerodynamically the bumble bee does not know that it should not be able to fly , but it does

and for as long as it flies around without knowledge and asks no questions , it is safe , it knows nothing , and by systematic brainwashing by the vultures who surround it , it begins to only fly by command , and the open air becomes for it a prison

but if the bumble bee by sudden realisation should wonder how it is that it can actually fly , think for itself , and reason… it shall indeed search

to know who he or she is , to know where they have come from , to know who they are and to understand the means by which they can fly

by sturdy obedience , discipline of mind and humbleness of heart , there is a day that the bumble bee would ask…behind a closed door

and they shall indeed be answered , and when they have been answered ,they will be taught that which is hidden from the mind , and the mystery of the ages , of this did the bumble bees write…the hidden wisdom , helping other bees to see , those who were willing….

they would then confront the vultures in the air and tell them to remove their robes , demolish their hierachy and teach the masses the way to knowledge

but this truth angered the vultures , so the only alternative was to kill the bees off , and hide their scripts inside the carefully guarded vaults

now the great vulture has been made king , keeping the little bees in ignorance who dutifully bow down because they have been ordered to do so

and the little bees in their ignorance submit to all the pleasures of the world , and the ordered mass in the spiders web

Wide is the wide door in which many bees enter , where there is no restraint only submission to that which calls them the most , it is the fog in the mind that blinds them , the vultures bind them and send them to their beds , where the fog only thickens…and they begin to enjoy the darkness , and the vultures know it

the few bees that perceive this darkness , so are their hearts pierced…the vultures know who these are and are tricked into corners within the “institution of vultures ” to keep them from finding , for they know that  if the bumble bee should soar freely amidst the snares of the world – it will find

and great is that mystery that has made  foolish the wisdom of the world..granted to any bumble bee that shall forsake all the things of this world and listen carefully along the way…”


The Painting

who would understand the word love
but the one in whose heart it dwells
it is the thought , and the all of all
through whom all actions are expressed
inexpressible in words
yet felt in the slightest touch of two hands
it is the pattern of love
the chemistry and energy that exists between two hearts
it is more than love
it is an act of love in an abstract painting
with hearts to discern it
it is of the spirit , a work of art
a painful expression of the heart
that often hurts the mind
it is the essence of the soul
that shall bring us to the point
of taking what is in each others hearts
and placing it in the other
so gently as a falling feather
a heart untouched is a delicate thing
though we tread not in fear , but in love
so when morning breaks , we both shall know
understanding the silence thereafter
but understand it now
you touch my heart in ways you would not imagine
in happiness when you are near
and sadness ,when you say you are leaving
but it is still you I long to hold
if I said I love you – you would not believe
maybe you will turn away
but I say it always, because I do
there shall never be an end to all that’s in my heart
it’s like a running river and it is meant for only you
ignoring all space and time
to ease the weight and burden of my mind
I must say what I have to say

but for now I’ll just close my eyes
for the time that you are away…”

The Great Divide

Between the ancient and the modern , the divide is great , so great that  the essence of what binds threatens to tear what is left apart , and leave the latter to its own devices . We applaud the brilliance of technology but how far have our minds actually gone , in fact it has gone nowhere at all , for what is the creation of man but merely an object – like an idol made for the world to adore ,the fascination of the eye.
We say we have advanced , but to what degree in comparison to the unknown abode of the universe , exposed to mankind but hidden in the hearts of all , they wish to have knowledge of the unknown, but they shall never make it there in a rocket – no , they are stagnating , objects have become the desire of mankind , the world calls it progression – in reality it is a continuos dead end at which the world is gathering , like robots with no direction – they do not see.
What then is the essence that binds , it is the word that goes unperceived from one generation to the next , that which has been forever visible to the eyes of all , but hidden from the mind indeed.
Were we not told that abandonment to the world is necessary ? to take nothing for the journey…how beautiful and simple , but no , more is never enough , the world always wants more – everything is but temporary , a temporary satisfaction.
For surely the objects of the world which so fill the mind , become as cement that fills the heart ,hardening day by day in the scorching sun , how then can the mind be directed towards the invisible , when we are governed by the visible – clinging to the perishable.
They say there is peace , but there is none , does not fire cause division , one against five and five against one , are we emptying the only cup of water we possess , or are we holding it up to the rain so it runs over .
Yet in the face of adversity , we are called to be strong ,for in controversy there is truth – for all can walk , but will not , all can hear but turn away , all can see but pretend to be blind – for the world is their paradise and all that is in it , their dusty paradise , unable to even notice a bird in flight and pay attention.
But to you and I is granted vision and insight to perceive rightly the things of the world,  to love , not with a sweetness that devours , for if love devours – in essence it was bitter , and we become as objects .
But we are not , as the true progression of the mind leads us to love , and that which leads us to love , leads us into our own hearts , and in finding ourselves , we find the link that connects us to that hidden place in the universe , and in finding , we find each other , for how else could we love if we do not know ourselves first – it is the essence that binds , you were in another place before , we are called to remember the beginning.


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